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        • Today is a cool day!  回复
        • The grey mare is the better horse. 回复
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        • A hobby is something that releases energy, a passion is something that creates energy. 回复
        • Before you find the right one, the noly thing you need to do is to make yourself good enough. 回复
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        • Silence is a well, collection of jewelry, but there may be nothing. 回复
        • What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what! 回复
        • Never give  up until you have nothing to give! 回复
        • To be more faithful day by day! 回复
        •   To be more faithful everyday! 回复
        •   Make myself stronger! 回复
        • Learn to adapt to the environment! 回复
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        • zy001 发表了新日志 8-11 17:29
          1 chaos 混乱 2 eke out 节约使用 3 estate 土地 财产 4 sluggish 行动迟缓 5 make a dent 消弱减缓 6 pessimistic 悲观的 7 cement 水泥 8 tweet 鸟鸣
        • zy001 发表了新日志 5-18 21:13
          It's another friday
          It is the second time for me to lost my just writing log here, good mood has been blowed off by the page error. I just wrote about how I like the c ...
        • zy001 发表了新日志 2-26 08:10
          Today‘s _20120226 Never give up
          Sunday a little rain \"Everything happens for the best!\',my mother saide whenever I faced disappointment,\"if you carry on, one day something ...
        • zy001 发表了新日志 3-2 14:04
          Today' words_0302_02
          1 graft 贪污 2  probe 探测 3 discipline ?#22836;? 4 terminology 专用术语 5 allegation 断言 6 rollout 首次展示 7
        • zy001 发表了新日志 1-9 13:59
          Today's translation_0109
          jobless失业人群 on the cusp of在……的尖端 threshold门槛 in the dumps处于低谷 currency 货币 trillion百万兆 turmoil焦虑
        • zy001 发表了新日志 1-8 22:07
          Today's translation_0108
          tobacco-related illness烟草相关的疾病 triple三倍 implement international commitment兑现国际?#20449;? curb smoking限制吸烟 mount增加
        • zy001 发表了新日志 10-24 21:48
          Hiring criteria for entry-level jobs
              In recruiting for entry-level jobs, should employers stress a broad liberal arts education, a technical business background, or s
        • zy001 发表了新日志 9-17 21:52
          Pure feeling
          Nowadays I am in NingBong, a city which is  approaching seashore and being hitted by hurricane  sometimes. Now we are suffering fro








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        张生 2013-3-21 23:06:00
        you,  gif is so cool
        金成子 2012-11-16 23:34:26
        cute boy ,long time no see ,how are you ?
        sandy-hhm1001 2011-4-28 14:46:16
        ouyingxia 2011-3-26 15:39:50
        i am so happy to visit you. the picture of your head is very funny, special. and cute.
        Kobe 2011-3-26 09:50:02
        songtong15 2011-3-18 16:05:46
        songtong15 2011-3-17 10:24:34
        yanzhg 2011-3-14 06:39:20
        黄棒清 2011-3-10 08:34:30
        Liglsusan 2011-3-2 08:47:49
        CYJ梦 2011-1-10 23:57:28
        springshadow 2011-1-10 16:26:32
        zy001: Flower bloom like study, needs time!
        Hope is a goog thing and maybe the best of things.No good things ever dies.
        凌波仙子 2011-1-6 09:12:27
        黄棒清 2010-12-29 09:16:22
        米猫咪 2010-11-14 16:00:33
        zy001: Thank you!
        I  will  support  you !
        米猫咪 2010-10-16 19:46:54
        i  like you photo __  Kongfu Panda.

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